So, it turns out I was completely wrong about how this all started. In my recollection, Luke put a bounty out on someone at NOVA. Turns out, with was NEO, and it was Orkimedes who posted the county on Luke. Thanks to his assistance, we now have the original Legion Bounty!!!

And NEO had an entire Bounty board, though the scope was limited to players hunting players.

So that’s what initially inspired me, and I decided that we could do a lot more with that concept!

There have been many discussions about how to compensate players who lose early at events.  Withdrawals can really mess with SOS and just hurt the overall play experience. Some TOs like to give out prizes every round, which is definitely effective, but it put a lot of pressure on the already strained resources of our organizers.

So, when I heard about Luke’s Bounty, I decided to try something new.  At the Warfaire Weekend event, I brought a case of beers, a list of challenges, and a vague-as-hell plan. And to my surprise, it worked pretty well. 

So, at LVO 2020, with the help of fellow Team Relentless member TalkPolite and his wife, we created a Legion Bounty board. Various bounties were compiled by members of the community, myself included, and prizes were doled out.  And some people who lost early, played additional rounds just to try and score bounties. All in all, it worked better than I had hoped.

However, I dreamed bigger, and there were a few problems with the system that needed resolving.  Obviously, the project had to be put on hold due to external events, but now, with LVO 2022 on the horizon, I am here to give you an overview of my plans for the Legion’s Bounty Hunter Guild.

The Old System

In the old system, players would contact Griffin about bounties, he would compile them into a list and create a board where players could score. This had 2 major issues:
1) Some people didn’t want the prizes offered by the bounty
2) Griffin had to be at an event to run the board

The New System

To solve these problems, I decided to redesign and expand the whole Bounty project.

First, in order to facilitate greater player agency, Bounties have now been split into two categories:.

Second, we are actively seeking a number of community members to assist in facilitating Bounty Boards at various events. Griffin will assist you in making sure the bounty board is ready and stocked before the event.

Private Bounties

These operate much as they did in the old system.
Players submit a bounty using the following format:
Bounty Title

Gamemaster’s Favor
Kill 13 Wookie models in one game
1 Wookie Warrior expansion


Prize distribution is handled directly by the sponsor; the Guild acts as an intermediary to make sure that Bounties are posted and that claimants can get in touch with the sponsor.

Public Bounties

These Bounties are more flexible. Instead of offering a fixed reward, they grant Credits, which may be exchanged for a prize from the Guild.

Monster Hunter
Defeat John Griffin
500 Credits

In many cases, these prizes will be on-hand at the event, but there may be times when the prize in question will need to be shipped. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The Guild is responsible for the proper distribution of prizes in a timely fashion.

Top 10 Prize Board

Limited Edition Luke Skywalker5000 Credits
OpLuke + Commands (Promos)5000 Credits
Operative Luke/Vader Acrylic (Promo)4000 Credits
Imperial Royal Guard (Box)3000 Credits
Imperial Special Forces (Box)3000 Credits
Bossk (Promo)2500 Credits
Sabine (Promo)2500 Credits
TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank (Promo)2500 Credits
TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank (Promo)2500 Credits
AAT Trade Federation Tank (Promo)2500 Credits

Members of the Guild

Sector Chief
John Griffin
Adepticon Magistrate
Canto Bight Magistrate
Cherokee Open Magistrate
GenCon Magistrate
Legion By the Bay Magistrate
Las Vegas Open Magistrate
NOVA Magistrate
Open Du Nord Magistrate
Rocky Top Open Magistrate
SWL Im Norden Magistrate

Past Sponsors

If you sponsored a Bounty before 2022, please contact Griffin so he can add your name to this list!

Choohc, DekoPuma, Hob Brambyurky, hotNFrosty, HustlenFett, Mitrokhin, Sywern, TalkPolite, Zodiack

Bounty Boards

LVO 2022 Bounties

Canto Bight Bounties

Cherokee Open Bounties