Team Relentless – 6+ Supply Partnership

We at Team Relentless love to support the competitive community of Star Wars: Legion. To date this has manifested in the form of multimedia content, such as strategy videos from The Playbook, written articles, and various podcast appearances. You may even be familiar with our work in directly coordinating organized play both online and offline, and as leaders in the Legion Tournament Circuit effort. Talk Polite, Nashjaee, and Nerfley have been directly involved in executing many high-profile events.

We are extremely excited to announce a partnership that will explore new avenues to contribute to the Legion community, and we can’t wait to show you what’s cooking up.

The Clubhouse, imperviously defended by Clan Wren.

Team Relentless is partnering with our friends at 6+ Supply to support competitive play in new ways. The first piece that this new partnership is bringing you is your very own TR Clubhouse, now available on the TR 6+ Supply storefront! Eagle-eyed fans of Mbweha’s The Playbook series on our YouTube channel may recognize this terrain piece. What started as scratch-built cardboard can now be the 3d-printed and LED-lit centerpiece of your Legion stories at home or your local game store. Stay tuned to our page on the 6+ store to stay up-to-date on new items as they become available.

TR names imprinted on the sides of the Clubhouse
Light up the Clubhouse with the built-in LED mount.

Most importantly, the entire Legion and tabletop gaming community benefits from this newfound partnership. Use the code RELENTLESS when you checkout to enjoy a 10% discount on the entire 6+ Supply store!

6+ Supply’s focus on innovation in product design and development directly mirrors the Team Relentless approach of innovation in competition. It was an absolute joy to work with them on producing this first terrain piece, and we are excited to show the community where we go from here.