• Any Job…For a Price
    • Defeat a unit with higher starting Health or Courage than Cad Bane and claim a Bounty VP
      • 1000 Credits
  • Doused
    • Defeat Iden Versio and Inferno Squad Turn 1
      • 1500 Credits
  • Execute Order 66
    • Defeat 2 opposing Force Users in a single game with a Republic army. This army must be led by a generic Clone Commander, and can include no other characters
      • 1000 Credits
  • Shields?
    • Defeat 3 units of Droidekas in a single game using only ranged attacks
      • 1500 Credits
  • Ultra Tactical Droid
    • Defeat a Super Tactical Droid with a T-Series Tactical Droid
      • 1500 Credits
  • Wampa
    • Defeat Three units of Tauntauns in a single game
      • 1500 Credits


  • Beskar Spear
    • Defeat 3 Units of Mandalorian Resistance in a single game
      • German Mandalorian Resistance Promo
        • Octobaer
  • BxDead
    • Defeat 3 BX units in a single game
      • German BX Promo
        • Octobaer
  • Deadeye
    • Defeat a unit with a claimed objective using BX strike team sniper heavy weapon.
      • English BX Promo
        • LuminousGaming
  • Koordinietter Beschuss
    • Defeat 3 units with a single Coordinated Bombardment attack
      • German Leia Command Promos
        • Octobaer
  • S Car Go
    • Score a VP on Breakthrough or Bombing Run with the Snail Tank
      • NR-N99 Presuader-Class Tank Droid
        • Luminous Gaming
  • Maximale Feuerkraft
    • Defeat a Heavy vehicle with a Maximum Firepower attack
      • German Veers Promos
        • Octobaer
  • Who’s laughing now, fuzzball?
    • Defeat Chewie or Han with the Wookiee Chieftan.
      • Custom 3D print of the Wookiee Chieftan
        • Rocky Top Terrain

Prize Pool

Imperial Bunker8000 Credits
Cassian Andor & K2S0 (Promo)7500 Credits
Limited Edition Luke Skywalker5000 Credits
OpLuke + Commands (Promos)5000 Credits
Operative Luke/Vader Acrylic (Promo)4000 Credits
Imperial Royal Guard (Box)3000 Credits
Imperial Special Forces (Box)3000 Credits
Bossk (Promo)2500 Credits
Sabine (Promo)2500 Credits
TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank (Promo)2500 Credits
TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank (Promo)2500 Credits
AAT Trade Federation Tank (Promo)2500 Credits
OpVader (Promo)2500 Credits
OpLuke (Promo)2500 Credits
Yoda (Box)2000 Credits
Rebel Officer (Promo)1000 Credits
E-web Heavy Blaster Team (Promo)500 Credits
Fleet Troopers (Promo)500 Credits
Tauntaun Riders (Promo)500 Credits
Rebel Pathfinders (Promo)500 Credits
Rebel Commandos (Promo)500 Credits
Standing Orders (Promo)500 Credits
Aurebesh Ambush (Promo)500 Credits
Aurebesh Assault (Promo)500 Credits